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We have a lot of opportunities but our forces are limited. That's why it is important to have a clear vision of what is necessary. Scrum helps you focus on the important things in business and develop the best ground-breaking products. Unsurprisingly, Scrum has gained fame and glory in the last 25 years: The framework never failed to disappoint and has always been in tune with the most recent software development. We are always up-to-date with the latest practices and help our clients benefit from them in the best possible way.

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Agile work and modern engineering practices like ATDD, pair programming or continuous integration have established themselves in the mainstream of the software engineering industry. However, there is still one medium left to conquer: smart phones. Big innovations take courage - choose complex mobile applications with innovative techniques! We accompany our clients on this important mission without losing sight of the developed assets during the implementation of enterprise solutions.

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The IT world spins quickly. 365 times per second. New innovations and technologies are accelerating accompanied by the growing challenge of creating new products that will make their way. How we keep pace with rapid developments? The answer is overwhelming passion - for new challenges, solutions and all upgrades that promise a long-term success, not just a quick hype. We are curious and motivated - and we take part in the everlasting competition of developments. Our goal? Winning the digital and technological race together with our clients!

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with revolutionary methods

Only those who say goodbye to paper documentation in the workplace, outdated technology and obsolete methods, will be able to make way for a modern marketplace and new, more effective business solutions. Using Scrum, mobile technologies and an open learning culture, we get rid of unneeded structures and awaken hidden powers.

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In our trainings, students will learn how to use mobile developments in an agile environment in the best possible way. In our Scrum Mobile/Android training, the participants are introduced to Scrum while working with us on our learning app Scrum Brain.

Every training class develops new features that will be published at Google Play Store by the end of each course. The participants will not only be mentioned as developers but also have the opportunity to enhance the Open Source Client after the training.

RegularScrum & Android


euro 2199(plus VAT)

RegularScrum & Android


euro 2199(plus VAT)

Early Bird*Scrum & iOS/Swift


euro 1869(plus VAT)

*Early bookers get a 15% discount on the regular price.


Our trainings are perfect for anyone preparing to take any of the Professional Scrum assessments at As experienced Scrum enthusiasts, our teachers arm the students for the course content of the PSM I and PSD I assessment. Our in-house learning app Scrum Brain is the ideal preparation for the exam as it begins where the acquired knowledge ends.


All training classes come with a certificate of participation. Course participants who need to leave the training earlier will get the opportunity to catch up on the content of the Scrum Mobile/Android training as soon as possible. All they have to do is answer a few questions of our teachers on the content and a course certificate will be handed to them afterwards.

learning aid

Additional to our regular training classes, we also offer flexible and personalised support for all those preparing to take an assessment. Whether assessment or Scrum Alliance test: We love to help you improve and deepen your knowledge. If you are interested, please use our contact form - we will come back to you as soon as possible.